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Explore everything stop atnothingProduct InformationIn Tomb Raider: Underworld you’ll embark on a perilous journey aroundthe world to uncover the secrets of a forgotten power that ifunleashed could lay waste to all civilization.  As fearlessadventurer Lara Croft explore exotic locations around the world eachdesigned with an incredible attention to detail resulting in abreath-taking high-definition visual.  Experience a new levelof challenge and choice in this epic tomb-raiding adventure.Product Overview Master your surroundings using acrobatic abilities andenvironmental objects to reach new heights Explore epic and unknown worlds – Thailand Mexico theArctic and more Complete treacherous multi-stage challenges masked withinan environmental playground New bat skills including split target melee kick andfiring with one hand while hanging with the otherProduct Features Players:  1 Player Required Hard Disk Space:  At least 60 MB Supported HD Video Output:  720p Compatibility:  Dual Shock 3 Compatible

Tomb Raider: Underworld for Nintendo PlayStation 3 by Eidos resumes where Tomb Raider: Legend left off and introduces a new, interactive playing environment

Lara Croft explores a wide array places, such as the Arctic, Mexico, and beneath the Mediterranean Sea

Environment is much more realistic and interactive — footprints will be left in mud, for example, but only until it rains and then they will wash away

Melee combat system that requires players to strategically strike with offensive, defensive, and evasive maneuvers

Improved AI allows enemies and animals to make decisions based on surroundings, employ ambush and squad tactics, and even retreat if deemed necessary

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