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Street Fighter IV brings the legendary fighting series back to its roots by taking the beloved fighting moves and techniques of the original Street Fighter II, and infusing them with Capcom’s latest advancements in next generation technology. The result is a truly extraordinary experience destined to reintroduce players, both familiar with the Street Fighter series and those coming to the game for the first time, to the time-honored art of virtual martial arts.

New special moves that go beyond any Street Fighter fan’s wildest imagination, including Focus Attacks, Super Combos, and the revenge-fueled Ultra Combo system.

Bundle features the standard edition Street Fighter IV game for PC along with the limited edition MadCatz Street Fighter IV wired fight pad (Ryu model only).

3D environments and characters, traditional 2D Street Fighter six-button gameplay and amazing locations never seen before in a Street Fighter game.

Classic Street Fighter characters re-imagined for a new generation of gamers, including the original cast of Street Fighter II.

New brawlers including: female super-spy Crimson Viper, lucha libre wrestler El Fuerte, mixed martial artist Abel and more.

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