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Shadows: Awakening is the new adventure in the Heretic Kingdoms saga. After the members of the secret council known as the Penta Nera are assassinated, their souls are consumed by the Devourers – evil demons which possess the ability to absorb the memories and personalities of the souls they acquire and materialize them as their puppets. Re-emerging into the mortal realm once again, the demonic Penta Nera continue their quest for power and immortality, but at what cost?

A Tale of Two Worlds – seamlessly switch between the Shadow Realm and the mortal plane

Unique Party System – multiple characters in one demon

Skills and Characters – 3 heroes, each with their own personal storylines, quests and dialogues

Consume the souls of 14 playable characters, each with their own unique skillsets

Combine the skills of your characters to maximize the effects of your skills and spells

Complex puzzles are scattered throughout the game

Expanded crafting and looting system will let you use rewards to configure the adventurer

Fully Voiced – All dialogues are fully narrated, including actors like Tom Baker

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