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Royal Marines Commando-WWII, 1941. As a result of a marine blockade Great Britain is on the verge of catastrophe, and Germany is about to begin tests of a new type of submarine that can end the war faster than anyone ever suspected. Winston Churchill personally orders commandoes to obtain information on the location of the new U-Boot and instructs them to destroy it. The player takes on the role of a select British commando from the British Royal Marines. During their mission they fight in France, on a Norwegian island of Vågsøy, and in the African desert mines. Their tasks include stealing out documentation, freeing prisoners captured by the Gestapo, destroying tanks, or capturing fortified enemy positions. Battlestrike Force of Resistance II-Welcome to the Eastern Front…Surrender is Not and Option. August 1942, The Nazis have advanced across much of Europe and now have their eyes set on the mighty Soviet Union. German scientists have created a new and deadley chemical warfare agent. The key to victory is the fall of Stalingrad and the Nazis plan to attack as soon as their secret is complete. As a special Russian operative you must go behind the Eastern front lines, infiltrate the Nazis and stop them from producing this deadley agent. Save the city, and turn the tide of war.

Royal Marines Commando-Eight demanding missions in diversified locations – France, Libia, Norway with various and dangerous enemy; Wehrmacht soldiers, Gestapo officers, and Italian snipers

RMC-True-to-Life soldiers act in groups and actively respond to player’s instructions using largest collection of WWII authentic weaponry: Thompson machine gun, Lee-Enfield Mk. III rifle, MP 40, Flammenwerfer 35 flame-thrower, Panzerfaust or Luger P08

BFOR II-Eight separate missions – utilize sabotage tactics, take or free prisoners, steal secret documents from a heavily-guarded German base with realistic artificial intelligence – enemy reacts dynamically to the player’s actions

BFOR II-A covert firing system allows for “blind fire” from behind walls or low obstacles; add the tactical element of “bullet penetration”- shoot enemies, or be shot through thin walls

Modified JupiterEX Engine delivers astonishing graphics that immerses the player in a realistic world of stunning detail, dynamic lighting and breathtaking effects

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