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For those space travelers that don’t use Stargate compatible transports, Galactic Bowling is an interplanetary franchise for entertainment. Now available for the PC, you can enjoy Galctic Bowling at home without having to gallop across the cosmos. Galactic Bowling is an exciting new experience. Players will be transported around the Earth as well as a multitude of vividly-illustrated planets, all with exhilarating bowling lanes, special bowling balls, super moves, unlockables, secret characters, and “whammys” to disrupt your opponent’s performance. Players can also join friends in a multiplayer mode that includes online matches with all in-game characters, levels, special moves, game types, and never before seen mini-games like Turkey Hunt” and Tilt”. Traditional scoring is available as well as an exciting new form called Battle Mode; similar to playing tug-of-war, each player uses their score as leverage against the other. Galactic Bowling immerses players in a distinctive new experience for all ages.Single-player allows you to play Galactic Bowling against a computer opponent in either Campaign or Quick Play mode.Campaign Mode: The player competes through ten Earth and Galactic League levels facing ten different human and alien opponents with unique personalities and abilities. Additional levels and abilities are unlocked as the player progresses. The player can even choose to go back to try and get perfect scores on every level for an extra challenge and reward! Quick Play: This mode allows the player to jump into a game quickly. All of the below game types are available as well as all characters and levels that have been unlocked.Multi-player Play against friends online with your favorite character to prove who is the true Galactic Bowling Champion! Battle Mode: a fast paced high stakes competition of bowling speed, accuracy and

Intuitive graphics and sound

2D and 3D graphics

Built-in tuner and audible chord progressions

Easy-to-use interface and manual

Customized, self-paced instruction

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