Atari Pocketware: Missile Command & Tempest

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Missile Command You command the planet Zardon’s missile base. You are responsible for the defense of your entire planet. You must employ quick thinking and strategy to successfully shoot down the invaders’ fierce onrush of weapons. Otherwise, Zardonian civilization as you know it will perish. Tempest Your object in Tempest is simple: you must clear a web of enemies by killing them all, or lasting a preset amount of time. Your arsenal consists of endless shots, and 2 superzappers, that if timed right, take out every enemy on the web. If an enemy makes its way up the web to where your ship is, and touches you, you lose a life. As you progress through the game, the web takes on new shapes Windows XP / Vista Fits 99% of all CD-ROM drives. Horizontal Tray Loading only. No slot loading.

Missle Command – Shoot down the invaders!

Tempest – Take out every enemy on the web.

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