Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer


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FBI agent Nicole Bonnet returns! This time she has to face new challenges and solve another dark mystery that will take her to two continents – from France and Spain to exotic Cuba. Make a genuine investigation demanding courage, devotion and logical thinking. Find out why the perpetrator leaves mysterious dolls in 18th century costumes by the corpses of the murdered people. Check, what connects the victims, seemingly chosen by random. What are the motives behind the actions of the pitiless slayer? Point and click adventure game , intricate intrigue, interesting characters, absorbing dialogues and complicated puzzles!

Intriguing plot, dark, tense climate and sudden twists of action

Exceptionally carefully rendered and differentiated sceneries and views made by one of the best graphic artists of the genre

Elaborately worked on, naturally moving 3D characters

Original score and realistic sound effects

A journey through murky nooks and corners of New Orleans, streets and lanes of Paris and Marseilles, Spanish Pyrenees and hot Havana

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